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11/29/16 11:58 PM #8    


Cleve Wilson

John Edminson, WOW, your stories brought back some long forgotten memories. Imagine the surprise that those stories involved me and David Ball, a close friend on my street. We were sure  a strange pair. He was one of the brightest kids and I was one of the students on the bottom 25%!! We were both pretty quiet and shy though...I guess that was it.

How long ago were those stories from? It amazes me you remembered the details like you did. I guess dementia is not one of your problems today.

Here is a funny story regarding David Ball, actually before we were at MAC. During the summer in the early 60's David and I would go a few blocks away from our street into an area of undeveloped land north of Woodbury and search out and invent methods to exterminate red ants. Strangely enough, I think I was more inventive than David is that arena, go figure. Our favorite technique was to burn them with hair spray and a match (flame thrower). One day, I was not able to go along but David went out on his own. Not long later, David showed up at my door and asked my father if he had a "long hose".  My dad asked him why and David said he started a fire in the field. My dad and I looked out over our house and it looked like the horizon was aflame! We called the fire department and my father told David to go home and not come out the rest of the day. We laughed about that for years afterward.

The teachers I had at Garner and MAC were actually excellent, for the most part, and it is funny how life takes odd turns that you would never see coming. I could go a full year in most classes and never say a word and pretty expert at not reading anything either. In the 10th grade I failed the first half of American History, big time. I am not sure the teacher even knew I was in the class. I go off to college on a partial scholarship for track and struggle through college completely off my running talent to become an AMERICAN HISTORY teacher and coach in NEISD and later Southside ISD! I know most of my teachers would turn over in their graves if they ever found that out. I taught Texas and American History for 25 years and stopped coaching in 3 years.  I think my own journey helped my understand what most of my students go through in middle and high school. I enjoyed teaching to the max and wouldn't change it for anything. Thank god it is over though!

01/10/17 02:24 PM #9    


Jim R. Atkinson

Hey fellow Brahmas.  As many of my friends know, I became a magazine writer/editor and an author as my life and career proceeded atter receiving that peerless education at MacArthur; and in the mid-l980's, I co-authord a book with a Texas Monthly colleague, John Bloom, about an emotionally-complicated killing up in Collin County north of Dallas.  Complicated, actually, wasn't the half of it:  It involved a love triangle--two ladies and a guy--a bloody killing with an ax, a bungled attempt at a cover up and a sensational trial.  It was called Evidence of Love, and was a  best-seller, award-winner; in l990, it was also made into a TV movie for CBS, and won an Emmy Award.  (You can track that version of it down on Netflix.)  

An ebook outfit known as Open Road--which specializes in digital resiisues of crime books, fiction and non-fiction-- has now brought the book back out in ebook form.   Here's the link to where to obtain it. If you have Kindle capability, either through the actual device or software on a phone or pad, you can purchase it through the usual platforms, Amazon, Google Books, etc-- you'll see in left menu.   I'm really proud that it's being reissued, and hope those of you you did not read it back in the 80's when it was first published (in old fashioned, ink-on-paper form) will check it out.  Belated Happy New Year, and if you read, enjoy.  XO  Jim Atkinson, class prez, 1967

01/11/17 10:43 AM #10    


Celina Standish (Dewberry)

Thank you Brahma Buddies for your personal contributions ! I am sitting here contemplating how we can energize classmates to register for our upcoming 50th reunion which is a mere 4 months away ! So far, there has been only a small percentage of our class who have sent in registration forms. Is there something we can do to encourage others ? We want and hope to see as many as we can. Also, our class is open to members from other classes as well as those from Churchill and Roosevelt who would like to join us.Calling people and talking with them persoally is a great way to reconnect and encourage them to join us. It's time we drop our feelings of self-consciousness, for it isn't what we look like so much as what is in our hearts and minds. I guess that comes easy for a girl who once played a boy who never grew up ( aka Peter Pan ). You all were my audience and what a great one I had ! Each one of you were are important to me - I want to see you ! and ...

P. S. Tinker Bell says she will die without your applause ! So Be There or Be Square !

Celina Standish Dewberry ( aka Peter Pan - MacArthur High School drama productions - fall semester 1966 )

01/11/17 04:24 PM #11    

Charlie Rogers

Hey buddy..Jim..Please come to the 50th..For me it would great to talk to my old friend., LETYE along time ago. I'm very proud of you for what you've done and what you've accomplised. Your friend..Charlie

01/11/17 09:57 PM #12    


Darlene Blackwood (Jones)

I had communicated with Jim earlier, I used his book Evidence of Love when I taught Texas Criminal Law at Richardson High School (my last "gig" - Roosevelt, St. Andrew's Day School (Amarillo), Phillips Middle School and Chapel Hill High (Chapel Hill, NC), Canyon High (Canyon, Tx) and finally Richardson!) - I digress - Jim's book is a very well researched and engaging read about a fascinating case - who needs Fiction!  I highly recommend that everyone invest in the ebook - you won't be disappointed!  Best to all, Darlene 





01/13/17 04:33 PM #13    

Ellen Luby

Here are photos of our own Mote Baird speaking at the 2015 State Bar of Texas Advanced Real Estate Course in San Antonio in July 2015.  He made us proud!  Sorry that my single close up caught him with closed eyes.




01/15/17 08:18 AM #14    

Ellen Luby

Aww, Charlie, now you've got me feelin' bad about my miserable photography skills or rather lack thereof.

01/16/17 07:35 AM #15    

Mote Baird

Ellen,   I appreciate the photo and thanks for posting it.  My eyes may be closed but I'm smiling, probably from relief that my talk was over and I could go sit down.   Looking forward to seeing you at our 50th




01/16/17 08:02 AM #16    

Dale Tietz


To Ellen, David Ball, Mote, Steve Weller and many more here are some snippets you all might enjoy as we  get younger every day.  I plan to be at the reunion with my new knee!!  Best--Dale Tietz



03/07/17 04:18 PM #17    

Ellen Luby

Dale, that was one special trip!  Way to go!

Thanks so much for sharing the article.  It's fun to see what adventures you've been having.

03/07/17 04:31 PM #18    

Ellen Luby

Here's a photo of Ruth Anne Cardwell Callaham's son Art.  He's delivering a sermon from the pulpit of Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) in downtown Houston.  Isn't it glorious?  I mean glorious that the next generation is looking after us seniors now?  It has been fun to be in touch with Ruth Anne.




03/09/17 07:00 PM #19    

Ruth Anne Cardwell (Callaham)

Thanks Ellen for posting the picture of our son Fr Art ... most often the parents have to do all the bragging ourselves. The Cathedral is an awesome worship space and young Art feels well blessed by the members enriching his life and that of his family.

I was waffeling about attending the 50th Mac reunion BUT your thoughtful outreach has made it a must do event. Will be sending our reservation in ASAP.


Ruth Anne

04/19/17 11:20 AM #20    

Bonnie Allmon (Coffey)

Many of you remember Herman Katzer from Garner Junior High.....I tracked him down several years ago; he and his wife were in a nursing home in Comfort. He died in 2015, but left a big impression on my life....



08/03/17 02:39 PM #21    

Harry Burnette

Class of 1967,


My name is Harry Burnette, from the class of 1968.  To follow in your footsteps, I have started up a webpage for our class.  I turned it up last month and we are starting to get classmates signed up.  I any of you would like to be added as a Guest Member on our site, please visit the site and send a note via "Contact Us" with your name and email.  I will add you, then you can go on and create a profile and follow our acitivities.

The link is:

Thanks and onward Brahmas!!



09/25/21 11:03 AM #22    

John Sigmon

Celina, thanks for posting the photos from the 50th class reunion.  Laura (Gunnoe) Sigmon and I weren't able to attend, as we were traveling outside the country, but it was so nice to see some still recognizable smiles and faces.



12/10/22 01:44 PM #23    

Charlie Rogers

Happy BD my old friend...very old now, like me. Thanks for being my friend. My rememberance of you was that you were a great basketball player..really good singer and good friend. 

06/13/23 09:58 PM #24    


Katherine Smith (Parr)

I've published a book, historical fiction, about a woman poet in Ireland. She wrote during the Great Famine (1846-1850). The book is an account of the Famine, the subsequent rebellion by Young Ireland, and Eva's romance with Kevin O'Doherty, a medical student convicted of sedition. She wasfamous, and her image was used during the Easter Rising. I hope you'll read my book, available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble on-line.

06/14/23 07:38 AM #25    

Ruth Anne Cardwell (Callaham)

A great story line...just the right book for our book club here at Del Webb, Richmond, TX. Perhaps you would add some comments to add to our discussion ?

06/15/23 06:58 AM #26    


Katherine Smith (Parr)

I'd be happy to write up some book club questions. See reviews and read a sample on Amazon or Barnes & Noble on-line.

06/15/23 12:39 PM #27    


Kathleen Flanagan (Anderson)

The book looks great! Do you anticipate it being available on Amazon


06/16/23 08:02 AM #28    


Katherine Smith (Parr)

Hi Kathy,

It's good to hear from you, but no, the book is not yet formatted for Kindle, only paperback. It will be a while before it is ready for Kindle.



06/19/23 02:22 PM #29    


Kathleen Flanagan (Anderson)


Thanks, Kathy! I'm really interested in reading your book! My great grandfather immigrated from Ireland right after the famine. On a recent visit to Ireland Larry and I were saying it would be interesting to read a book to learn more about it...I think I found just the book!  I just ordered it!

Congratulations!  Kathy Anderson


06/20/23 06:56 AM #30    


Katherine Smith (Parr)


Thank you! I can assure you that the history is accurate. My great-great grandfather and grandmother immigrated to Kansas from County Mayo at the end of the Famine. That's how I became interested in researching Irish writers for my dissertation, and how I found Eva.

I hope you enjoy the book,


07/04/23 02:34 PM #31    


Kathleen Flanagan (Anderson)

Oh my, Kathy! I just finished reading this amazing historical fiction and fell so in love with Eva! Knowing that my great grandfather was about 20 years older than Eva and likely had similar experiences made the book a sheer delight for me. I encourage anyone with interest in understanding the plight of the Irish during the potato famine to read this book! Congratulations and well done, Kathy!!!

Smiles, Kathy Flanagan Anderson




02/27/24 06:59 AM #32    

Tyler Cruse

One of our teachers, Keith Cruse passed away last month.  He taught math and physics during the time we are at Mac.  He was also my brother.  He divided his time between Austin and Rockport homes.  His wife Donna can be reached via email at  After leaving Mac he worked for TEA.

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